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From "Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM" <>
Subject Re: Role of scripts [was Re: increment task]
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 17:35:14 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> As a case in point I am partway through coding up a CSC task to
> build C# code from inside ant. I suspect that many people would
> (perhaps quite rightly) feel that that should not be part of the
> official optional task list on the basis it aids and abets the
> complete antithesis of the Java world. But shouldt stop that
> those of us doing .net work dont to use ant, and the appropriate
> tasks to make it possible.

Cool!  Let me know when it is ready!  I've been doing some C# work lately,
and I miss ant...

[and I don't care about the politics of this, I'll commit it myself if it
comes to that]

- Sam Ruby

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