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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: JDE Mode for ANT
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 22:19:46 GMT
There is a /src/etc directory that is part of the ant source tree. We could
put things like this in there. At the moment this directory is not included
in the binary distribution. That would need to change. Also, apart from
log.xsl, I think the current contents may be better located in the docs

Is there any chance one of you combine this .el module into a single
submission. I'll leave it to Stefan to add this as he runs JDE, I believe,
and I do not.

Conor MacNeill
Cortex eBusiness
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From: Jason Stell []
Sent: Friday, 20 October 2000 8:09
Subject: Re: JDE Mode for ANT

I have created a jde-ant.el "module". It doesn't do anything fancy.  It just
looks in the root project directory for the ant buildfile and executes it.
I do have a few customizable variables. Take a look -- maybe we can combine
our ideas/efforts...
Jason Stell

Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
 Hi,I would like to offer, either te prj.el I sent last night to the list,
or a jde-ant.el module based on what was defined there, as part of the ANT
1.2 distribution.Are the commiters willing to do something like that?The
idea would be to provide an .el file such that the only thing neededis to
put in the prj.el file is:(jde-build-use-ant "build.xml") ;; Or whatever the
file is, relative to the projectand that's it.  Jose Alberto

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