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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: Role of scripts [was Re: increment task]
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 22:34:27 GMT
> From: Diane Holt []
> --- Patrick Beard <> wrote:
> > Being able to extend Ant's capabilities using Java is certainly a
> > great thing, but having that be the only extension mechanism is
> > limiting.
> And especially so to those Ant users who don't really know 
> Java all that
> well. I can't just whip out some new task -- but I can probably get a
> script put together fairly easily (once I get back into js and start
> remembering more of what I used to know :)

The only thing I would add here is that the current scripting support
in ANT is too lowlevel for my liking. Which means that you need to know
ANT's architecture in detail to be able to use it effectively.

I would prefer something a little more high level for regular use in
The current level is more appropriate to script new tasks.
And that is why I have been pushing on that regard.

Jose Alberto

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