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From <>
Subject Re: getting rid of lcp.bat? cmd batch file fun...
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 23:16:43 GMT

Will that work with windows 95/98/ME?

-- Glen

Daniel Rosner <> on 12/10/2000 07:59:12 AM

Please respond to

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Subject:  getting rid of lcp.bat? cmd batch file fun...

FWIW, I was looking at the lcp.bat file and was scratching my head- I found
what it did really convenient but thought it odd that it required a separate

Obviously, it seemed to me that what you would expect is that:

for %%i in (.\lib\*.jar) do call .\lcp.bat %%i

could be replaced by:

for %%i in (.\lib\*.jar) do set LOCALCLASSPATH=%LOCALCLASSPATH%;%1

But of course, someone else would have thought of that, and I see that it
doesn't work. Incidentally, if anyone knows WHY ON EARTH that is, feel free
to let me know... I see the behavior, but can't figure out what is going on.

Anyway, after poking at that, I figured out that the following does work:

for %%i in (.\lib\*.jar) do call :setpath %%i

And further down in your batch file, you need a label with this code:




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