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From Toby Baier <>
Subject Re: Targets as graph (was: Ant GUI Requirements)
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:36:07 GMT
Simeon Fitch wrote:
> Toby,
> Do you know anything about the status of the GEF
> project (which I understand is an offshoot of
> ArgoUML)?

GEF is now quite cleanly separated from Argo, so it can be used in other
projects. I'd like very much to see it used in something like Antidote
(quite like the name. But the author of Anthill is not the quickest to
respond, so let's wait some more days for him to join in discussion,
okay?), and so does Jason Robbins, the founder of both Argo and GEF.
However, GEF will be restructured to some extent soon, as we work on
ArgoUML 0.9 and need some enhancements. It would be just great to have
other people look into GEF code and contribute as well!
I just updated to point to
the correct (up to date) CVS module.

> Displaying targets as graph nodes in the GUI
> is something very appealing, but the GEF dependencies
> on old versions of the IBM XML parser make it a
> non-starter here. Also, from licensing standpoint, are
> the Apache license and GEF University of California
> licenses compatible?

Erm, I'm totally unfit when it comes to licenses. The UCI license is
BSD, so it should be compatible with Apache licenses. If not, Jason will
be very willing to change that: he's working with Collab.Net now,
together with Brian Behlendorf...
About xml4j: I think there's effort to switch to something else, but I
didn't understand the difference between JAXP, Xerces and all that stuff
yet, so please don't ask me *g*. All I know is that we wanted to update
XML stuff soon.


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