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From Toby Baier <>
Subject Re: Ant GUI Requirements
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 10:46:11 GMT
Simeon Fitch wrote:
> I have thrown together the following HTML file
> containing a *very* rough set of capabilities for the
> Ant GUI.
> I hesitate to call it a requirements document, as it
> is certainly not written in a formal manner, nor do I
> intend it to be fixed. I just wanted to start
> recording people's wishes for it so that there could
> be a basis for launching work on it.
> So I appreciate any feedback, etc. If the group likes
> it, would someone be willing to check it into the spec
> directory?

Hi Simeon,
that's quite a nice list. I must admit that when I asked about an ant
GUI some time ago I only thought about (c) Build Management, but the
Anthill screenshot showed me how nice it would be to administer projects
through a GUI as well.
The question is: how do we set priorities? What one is supposed to do
with ant is use it as a build tool. That means for me (and the whole
ArgoUML project) once a suitable build.xml is there, we rarely edit it,
but run targets every few minutes. So for me highest priority would be
(c), because I'm a user. The other parts of your list are interesting
and important as well, though. If anyone starts open development (I
haven't seen any Anthill code yet), I'd like to join in.


-- (I seek you: 12164930)

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