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From "Jim Stallard" <>
Subject Apparent 1.2 regression - Includesfile & explicit input lists
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 19:46:35 GMT

I would like to use explicit lists of java files for compilation. With Ant
1.1, I did this via the include directive
of javac:

<javac ...>
  <include name="${app.files}"/>  // app.files being read from a <property
file=app.file> directive

This no longer works with Ant 1.2 (Ant version 1.2 compiled on October 24
2000) - I get no errors, but compilation completes successfully with no files
being compiled.

I also tried using the <includesfile> tag, but I get:
/vobs/GV3.0/G1.xml:564: Class doesn't
support the nested "includesfile" element

Has nobody requested an explicit include list feature? In our environment, I
find that the */java convention is much too inclusive, and listing files to
exclude is fine for local development but not specific enough for a medium- to
large-sized project. I also want control over exactly what gets jarred into

Can I use explicit lists with Ant1.2 or should I look into sub-classing to
implement this?

Also, I noticed that with Ant 1.1, building with explicit lists took much
longer (around twice as long) than building with
a *.java type list. I assume that this could be avoided by using a specific
tag <includeexplicit> which would skip the pattern matching processing
performed for includes/excludes and pass the list directly to javac.

Any thoughts?


James Stallard
GlobalOne 13775 McLearen Rd
Phone: (703) 471-2553

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