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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Possible clarification Re: Role of scripts...
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 20:37:47 GMT

Ah, but I feel I've learned something from
this discussion, so I have found it beneficial,
even if it is somewhat tedious :^)

Anyhow I think we actually do have Three Issues that
have become intertwined because they share a common
word: scripting... Let me see if I can clarify...

Issue One - 'ant' as a 'script language', which means we
could use "if.. then... else", "for", "do .. while", etc.
as statements in an "XML" file and ant would
interpret them. The "winning side" at the
moment is that ant should not do this...
This where where some might call this a
"police state" :^)

Issue Two - the 'script task' which allows
you to do some "scripty" things since
Issue One 'bans' scripting as a core part
of ant. I think we all agree that this
is a good thing...

Issue Three - the 'extension' mechanism.
Right now, we can extend ant with new
tasks written in 'java'. But, if ant
supported writing tasks in other
languages, say Python or JavaScript, etc.,
then you could EXTEND ant by one of
several means, rather than just java.

But, because all 3 of these issues use
the word "script", I believe the discussion
has become convoluted because we are seeing
the word 'script', but we are not all
keeping the Three Issues cleanly separated...

Have I fairly summarized the 3 inter-woven
threads and separated them so we can also
see how we got wrapped around the axle?
If so, I think this discussion began with
the idea of "Issue 3", using scripting to
extend ant, and devolved from there....

If I've not correctly captured the essence
of the Three Issues.... well, I give up :^)

Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> I have to say,
> So all this comments of making ANT more complex if we add scripting are
> complete nonsense.
> Second, I do not think anyone is proposing making scripting part of the
> ANT CORE. All the mentioning of scripting is to be used as an optional
> taks. It is up to the users to decide is they want to have the extra
> dependencies or not.
> Third, it feels sometimes that there are some kind of thought police
> trying to control which optional tasks are people allow to write or
> at least to offer to others as part of this list.

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