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From Alexander Pokahr <>
Subject Re: <include> patterns
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 08:57:53 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >>>>> "AP" == Alexander Pokahr <>
>  AP> Is specifying multiple patterns in one tag no longer supported?
>  AP> (can't see it in the docs)
> Yes, this has changed (and I'm updating WHATSNEW as I write this). The
> reason is that the old behavior didn't allow spaces or commas (BTW is
> that the correct english plural of comma?) in your patterns.

This causes much more problems for me, than i initially thought:

For example, i use a property 'compile.excludes',
to specify files, that should not currently be compiled.

The 'compile.excludes' property is empty (="") in the
build.xml, but developers can specify their own excludes
in their local file. This is of great
use, when somebody works on a file in a way that
temporarily breaks some dependent files.

Until the work is finished, all dependent files
could be excluded locally, without affecting the
environments of other developers.

In Ant 1.2 the only way to do something like this,
is to use an includesfile, but then, this file
has to exist for the build process to proceed.
To be able to compile out of CVS, it has to be
in the CVS, but it is only a local file, that
should not be shared among developers, so putting
it into CVS would be a source of much trouble.

Anyway, even if it where possible to come around
these issues with some <available> tags
(wich i tried, but didn't work),
i don't like the idea, to have lots of
different includes / excludes files
(for compile, jar, war, dist, javadocs, ..)
not to speak of a much more complex build.xml.

The possibility to just specify such properties
in a (single) local property file was the most
appreciated feature, when we switched from make
to ant. It would be a pity, if this where no
longer possible.



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