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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Role of scripts [was Re: increment task]
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 00:11:06 GMT
At 03:25  26/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Ant is a program that interprets an xml-base script language and performs
the actions thus requested by it. Instead of relying on the limitations of
the Ant Language and custom java classes, couldn't Ant interpret other
*languages* too ?? 
>This is more in line with Sam's comments about *language independence*,
but let's not kid ourselves - Ant uses an XML-based language, and yes, it's
a language.

Yep - a *declarative* language ;) not a *procedural* one (or at least I
hope procedural elements haven't sneaked in ;)

>This is how I understand the request for script support.
>With this in mind, the question really is - "Do we want to create an
interface that allows for multiple *languages*, or parsers ??

Hell yes ! ;)

I don't care what language it is written in as long as it is as simple as
ant is atm. I personally would never touch some languages again (C++ blech
!!!) but if someone else wants to write a parser for said language then -
more power to them ;)



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