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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Another licensing question ...
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 14:13:25 GMT
>Is there any reason that we can't bundle all the ant libraries together into
>one jar?  Basically, take all the class files from ant.jar, jaxp.jar and
>parser.jar and put them into a single jar, like antexe.jar for example.

not with jaxp.jar and ant.jar but it could be done using xerces.jar instead

>The reason that I ask this is because it would be a good step to getting rid
>of the necessary batch files.  Now, I know that this step by itself wouldn't
>eliminate the batches, but it would help.  Basically, I would like to see
>ant get to the stage where I can simply execute "java -jar antexe.jar", or
>simply double click on the antexe.jar file (at least in Win environments,
>I'm not sure about associations in other platforms).

you can do this anyway on 1.2+ platforms by using "Class-Path: xerces.jar"
in manifest. It is just that the ant/ant.bat files are more convenient and
do other stuff (like add libraries). Besides you rarely have ant.jar file
in same directory as build.xmls so ...



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