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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: Home for ANT GUI (was: Ant GUI Requirements)
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:41:59 GMT

> I guess we'd just sketch out a source layout for it
> inside the Ant
> repository. src/antidote/org/apache/tool/ant/gui or
> something like
> this?

Actually, I like this approach quite a lot. The GUI
can have it's own build file, and since the src.dir
property in the Ant build files is src/main, the GUI
state won't affect the build and deployment of Ant
(until we wanted it to).

If the group is amenable to this, I'd like to go for
this approach. If at some point the GUI grows in scope
it can always be moved out to its own project, whereas
going straight for project status takes effort and
time that may not be well spent this early on.




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