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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Home for ANT GUI (was: Ant GUI Requirements)
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 14:29:03 GMT
> Hi Simeon,
> that's quite a nice list. I must admit that when I
> asked about an ant
> GUI some time ago I only thought about (c) Build
> Management, but the

That's good to know, as to get to the "release early
and often" goal, one has to have something that is
actually useful. At some point I/we will have to go
thought the wishlist and convert it into tasks, and
which ones are wished for most.

> Anthill screenshot showed me how nice it would be to
> administer projects
> through a GUI as well.
> The question is: how do we set priorities? What one
> is supposed to do
> with ant is use it as a build tool. That means for
> me (and the whole
> ArgoUML project) once a suitable build.xml is there,
> we rarely edit it,
> but run targets every few minutes. So for me highest
> priority would be

As far as priorities go, I have two perspetives: 1) My
personal priority is to work on the tasks that make
the thing useful the first. Now that you mentioned it,
I now recognize that "editing" may not be the first
thing to tackle, and certainly not the first thing I'd
use. I like your idea of build management coming
first. 2) The priorities are set by those who
volunteer to write the code. ;-) So if you have a pet
priority, dig in!

> (c), because I'm a user. The other parts of your
> list are interesting
> and important as well, though. If anyone starts open
> development (I
> haven't seen any Anthill code yet), I'd like to join
> in.

I'm still new here, so this opens up a question to the
'ol timers on the list. I think there is interest
beyond myself to get something really going on the GUI
front. I started working on the basic framework last
night, and certainly need some CVS space to put it and
allow it to be shared.

My current thoughts are that the GUI (which I'd like
to call "Antidote" since the "Anthill" owner doesn't
seem to be involved any more; any objections?)
shouldn't be a part of the Ant build, at least not
until it is past the alpha/beta stage. Obviously it
will depend hevily on Ant (public) classes. 

I'm not familiar with how the Apache project doles out
package namespaces, or project repositories, etc. So
some input from the Ant PMC on how we should progress
would be helpful. The GUI needs a home, even if it is
just temporary.


Simeon Fitch


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