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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Apparent 1.2 regression - Includesfile & explicit input lists
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 04:24:17 GMT
--- Jim Stallard <> wrote:
> I would like to use explicit lists of java files for compilation. With
> Ant 1.1, I did this via the include directive of javac:
> <javac ...>
>   <include name="${app.files}"/>  // app.files being read from a
> <property file=app.file> directive
> </javac>
> This no longer works with Ant 1.2 (Ant version 1.2 compiled on October
> 24 2000) - I get no errors, but compilation completes successfully with
> no files being compiled.

Hmmm... that sounds suspiciously like the old "modern" compiler not
working. Maybe the 10/24 build was bad?
> I also tried using the <includesfile> tag, but I get:
> /vobs/GV3.0/G1.xml:564: Class
> doesn't support the nested "includesfile" element

Ouch! That better still work, since I pass an "includesfile" and an
"excludesfile" to my <javac>, at the end, after the <javac>'s that use
<include name=...>'s. My "includes" file is wild-carded included
directories, and my "excludes" file is a mixture of specific filenames and
wild-carded subdirectories of some of the included dirs.

Looks like the last time I picked up a build was 10/16, and I haven't yet
picked up the Official 1.2 Release, so maybe something has gone whacko --
but I suspect it's more likely a problem with the nightly build than with
<javac>, since I don't see any change between 10/16 and 10/24 that would
have affected that. You might want to do an "ant -version" just to see
what it says.



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