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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] New <case> task
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 03:19:43 GMT
--- wrote:
> Just curious as to whether there is a specific problem that you are
> trying to overcome with the addition of this task.  It usually helps me
> if I can associate a given solution with the problem it's trying to
> overcome.

Don't know what Jose Alberto's particular need is, but I can tell you one
of the things I'd like it for... I have a property that contains a value
of either "true" or "false" -- note: it's not something I can have simply
either set or not-set, because the literal value of it is used as the
replacement string for a filter token. The token is the value of a boolean
in a .java file, and depending on whether it is set to "true" or "false"
determines whether the source-tree is being compiled with debug code or
without (note: not -g -- it determines whether to include code that's the
equivalent of #ifdef DEBUG in C). So, it'd be nice to also be able to use
the value of that property to determine what flavor of build this is, and
set other things (like the outdir) accordingly.

But, having said all that, I should add that I have been trying out the
<script> task, and it looks like it would be possible to do that sort of
thing with that. On the other hand, it does mean, as Jose Alberto pointed
out, having to add in all the optionals for having <script> available (and
trying to remember how to even use javascript, which I haven't for months,
and back when I did, I only learned it and used it for a couple of weeks,
so it's not exactly engrained in my brain just yet :)



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