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From "Steve Zindel" <>
Subject Comment to bug report #205
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 13:00:09 GMT
I've tried the jlink action recommendet by comment #113 but is stil 
have problems. Here is what I want to do:
I create a EJB jar using the obtional ejbjar task which works fine. 
Then I want to add some more classes (from the same package as the 
EJB) into this jar. First I tried use the jar task for this (see bug 
report #205) which didnt work. Now I tried the jlink task with the 
result that a " duplicate entry: com/" is 
thrown due to the reason that my supplement classes are located 
withing the same package as the EJB (com.csg....). Is this a bug of 
the jlink task?
What would be nice from my point of view is to be able to add some 
classes into my EJB jar using a external text file like in the jar 
task with the indludesfile argument.

Thanks for help and by the way... ant is really a very nice tool.. 
Well done!

PS: There seems to be an typing mistake in the jlink help html page 
on the examples. The jlink tag ends with a "/" sign which leads to an 
xml parser error. ("<jlink compress="false" outfile="out.jar"/> ... 
</jlink>" should be : "<jlink compress="false" outfile="out.jar"> ... 

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