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From Corey Puffalt <>
Subject Re: [bug] Javadoc target and failonerror
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 16:16:02 GMT
An addition to my previous message:

In practice I believe that ALL targets should be religiously checked to 
ensure they completed without failing by checking exit values in the case 
of processes running outside the Ant VM or some other mechanism for 
processes running inside the VM whether we are aware of a way in which that 
target can fail or not.  If something fails for some reason I want to know 
about it immediately by having the build fail.

My personal preference is that a "failonerror" attribute should exist for 
all targets and that it be set to "true" by default.  Setting the 
"failonerror" attribute to "false" would work nicely for the few tasks that 
are actually optional.


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