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From "Vincent Bergbauer" <>
Subject Re: getAbsolutePath vs getCanonicalPath patch plus a couple questions.
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 19:53:47 GMT
From: "Stefan Bodewig" <>
>  VB> I have seen no reaction to this patch and it never got checked
>  VB> in.  Why the silence?
> Can only speak for myself: I don't use Windows at all and don't
> understand batch files (at least this is what I like to think about
> myself). And I'm more than hesitant to commit something I can neither
> understand nor test.
I can't blame you. Any commiter using NT/Win2000 out there?

>  VB> - I noticed that in the <runtests> and <run.single.test> targets
>  VB> of the ant build.xml, the junit task no longer has the fork
>  VB> attribute set to true.
>  VB> What was the rational behind this
> Speed. Using fork the testsuite takes about 2 minutes on my box,
> without fork it takes twelve seconds.
OK. What about we just set the attribute to the propery ${junit.fork} set to false by default?
Then, on my fast machine, I can put junit.fork=true in my file.


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