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From "Alan Gerhard" <AGerh...@E-SyncNet.Com>
Subject Token filters
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:54:47 GMT
Hi guys -

Just spent the morning implementing an ANT Solution for a rather complex java make and I am
extremely happy with the relative speed of both getting ANT to work and the actual build process!!

My hat off to all of you for an outstanding application.

I do have a question though. I looked at implementing my own TASK - again, relative ease to
hook into ANT - and thought I'd ask to see if something similar has already been done first.

The question revolves around 'versioning' the following three tasks.

I understand the differences 
- Tolken Filtering is global to the project
- Replace works against one tolken to one value
- KeySubst works similar to replace but allows multiple key/values pairs to be used
and realize what powerful methods they all are.

What I am aim to do is to stamp each java source with an incremental version number each time
that particular class gets recompiled. 
The incremental would be based on the existing value in the actual source file.

Is there something like that already ??
Is there a list of 'personal' MyOwnTasks that all can share ?

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		organization="E-Sync Networks, Inc."
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