Hey all.  I was trying to set up my home environment (Win98 - don't laugh, I have a wife and an extended family that would die is they had to use linux... :-[ ) to do some ant development, and I ran into a couple of snags.  I was trying to compile the CVS version and simply install it to d:\ant.  Didn't work.  I took a peek at build.bat, and it seems that the line to add -Dant.install=BLAH didn't have the =.  Add it in, and you get a Syntax error.  Lovely.  

I spent about two hours scouring the net to see how to embed an equals sign in a dos set statement ('cause there are NO decent docs that come with Win98), and I couldn't find it.  So, this patch does the same test as before, except that it explictly calls and with -Dant.install=BLAH, rather than trying to do it with  variable substitution.

Looking at the other files, ant.bat had the same problem with the autodection of the Jikes directory.  I don't have jikes, but I set the environment variable just for kicks, and I got the same syntax error.  Same fix.

Glenn McAllister
Software Developer. IBM Toronto Lab, (416) 448-3805
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