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Subject Re: RE: GUI for Ant [from the author]
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 07:32:01 GMT


I'm the author of AntHill. AFAIK, there is no release of AntHill yet (even in alpha beta release

I followed all your posts and I learnt a lot about licensing issue I was not aware of.

So I plan to come out with a GUI to start a build released under the APL to be compatible
with Ant license.


Frederic Lavigne,

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>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 18:26:41 +1000
>De: Peter Donald <>
>Sujet: RE: GUI for Ant
>At 06:27  25/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
>>Conor -
>>This "incompatible license" issue has come up in a lot of different areas.
>>Is it due to people just randomly choosing an open source license or are
>>there significant differences that other authors are specifically interested
>Go have a look at GNU pages re GPL and LGPL application to java. Because of
>javas linking modle GPL == LGPL with java. That is the reason why no LGPL
>GNU java libraries exist. All GNU libraries exist under a LGPL license with
>As to why authors choose a different license it is because they want
>different freedoms. With BSD based libraries (which Apache is) you are free
>to do anything with library as long as you acknowledge "This contains code
>form Apache Software Organisation" - GNU saids you are free to do anything
>with code as long as you release modifications to the people you distribute
>the product to. So if you give Bob a binary you have to also give bob
>source if he asks for it.
>Now projects like Anhill and jBoss have authours who release under the GPL.
>However as the authors choose to brake the license themselves (Anthill will
>include ant or use ant which brakes GPL and jBoss uses JMX and other
>libraries) they are really not doing the GPL any good. RMS (one of the main
>people who supports free software) considers projects like Anthill and
>jBoss to be one of the greatest threat to GPL. Ignorance or ignoring legal
>implications devalues the GPL as a commoditity etc and he has spoken out
>against many such projects a lot recently.
>So while Anthill is not GPL (cause if it was it couldn't use Ant) it can
>never be mixed with APL stuff (or any other non-GPL stuff). 
>So while the project may turn out decent I will put every effort into
>discouraging use of it as it violates the GPL and is technically not legal.
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Frederic Lavigne,
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