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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Remarks: file copy, subprojects, ant install
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:40:02 GMT
>>>>> "MK" == Michael Kolmodin <> writes:

 MK> - Filecopy: the options are not flexible enough i. e. when
 MK> handling configuration files.

We are in the course of reworking the file handling tasks so this is
the right time to speak up. Currently we have overwrite if source is
newer (the default) and always overwrite (if forceoverwrite has been
set). Have you thought about how to state the additional options
(speaking of attributes)?

 MK> When encountering errors in the subproject build file, ant
 MK> reports error in the build file containing the 'ant' task...

Fixed some seconds ago - thanks for your report.

 MK> In my opinion, an <ant dir="subdir"> statement should include
 MK> an implicit <property basedir = "subdir">.

It does - at least in the CVS version. And I think it already did in
Ant 1.1, but there've been numerous bugs in handling relative
filenames fixed.

 MK> - JAXP dependencies. Sine ant requires the XML parser, this
 MK> dependency should be resolved at installation time.

The release contained jaxp.jar and parser.jar in ANT_HOME/lib and the
scripts add everything residing in that directory to the CLASSPATH
transparently. Where have you been forced to change the CLASSPATH?


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