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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Property dir in junit task fails. (Was Re: property dir needed in java and junit tasks)
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 13:46:18 GMT
>>>>> "PN" == Peter Nordlund <> writes:

 PN> Ok, my problem is that I want to run the testsuite, "all my
 PN> junit-tests" (the tests must be executed in different
 PN> directories) and get a total summary of it all in ONE SINGLE
 PN> result file.

Now _that_ would be useful, but it is plain impossible right now as
you can only specify the name of a resultfile on a test by test basis
- and the file would be overwritten for each test.

I'd like to change that bit, allow users to specify a filename and use
that for all testresults - probably as an argument to <formatter>. Now
you'd need a way to append to this file in another run and you are
done, right?

  <delete file="testresults.txt" />
  <junit dir="dir1">
    <formatter type="plain" outfile="testresults" />
  <junit dir="dir2">
    <formatter type="plain" outfile="testresults" append="true" />

What do you think?


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