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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Defining task-specific properties - what "namespace" should I use?
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 09:19:42 GMT
>>>>> "pd" == donaldp  <> writes:

 pd> what I do is put

 pd>   <property file=""/> 
 pd>   <property file="${user.home}/"/>

 pd> at the top of each build file I use.

This is something we should think of for Ant in general. I.e. let Ant
search for ${basedir}/ and ${user.home}/
and use them - making your property constructs unnecessary.

spec/core.html already had this idea.

But I don't feel comfortable with adding magic properties for
situations like the javac/jikes one in general. Unfortunately I don't
have a better solution for all situations at hand yet.

 pd> I haven't downloaded latest Ant with new dynamic properties but I
 pd> assume it is just a matter of reordering these in build file to
 pd> get this to work.

Don't think you'll have to do that. Properties are still immutable and
the first one wins - only this time we are talking about the first one
with regard to runtime instead of parser time. For <property> outside
of <target> runtime and parser time are the same so the shouldn't
change at all.


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