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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Source code task
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:06:21 GMT
>>>>> "WJ" == Walker Joe <> writes:

 WJ> The javac task is nice, IMHO, because I can swap between 1.2,
 WJ> 1.3, and jikes with the flip of a switch

I think the situation is different for source control systems. How
often are you going to change the system - and given the work you have
to put into transferring the sources from say CVS to Clearcase,
changing a single line in your build file won't hurt that much.

What works out nicely for javac/jikes is that they share a lot of
attributes people typically want to set, I'm not sure if this holds
true for source control systems. Lets take a look at the task we have
right now:

          date CDATA #IMPLIED
          quiet %boolean; #IMPLIED
          command CDATA #IMPLIED
          noexec %boolean; #IMPLIED
          cvsroot CDATA #IMPLIED
          dest CDATA #IMPLIED
          package CDATA #IMPLIED
          tag CDATA #IMPLIED>

<!ATTLIST vssget
          recursive %boolean; #IMPLIED
          ssdir CDATA #IMPLIED
          date CDATA #IMPLIED
          vsspath CDATA #IMPLIED
          version CDATA #IMPLIED
          writable %boolean; #IMPLIED
          login CDATA #IMPLIED
          label CDATA #IMPLIED
          localpath CDATA #IMPLIED>

dest => localpath, tag => label or version, cvsroot => vsspath+login
but that's all. The rest is either only useful for cvs or for vssget,
at least this is what the authors thought.

You'd either end up with an additional-attributes entry or a bunch of
magic properties (like build.compiler.emacs) for the things not
covered by the common denominator.

I'd say, keep them as separate task - and give the user a chance to
only include the task she actually needs once we have the extension
system in place (Ant 2.0).

 WJ> In the short term I'm going to start on a P4 task.

It could be included as an optional task if you want.


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