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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Setting compiler flags?
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 07:48:37 GMT
>>>>> "DH" == Diane Holt <> writes:

 DH> I'm a little confused about how you specify which compiler flags
 DH> you want.  It looks like some of them are set using properties,
 DH> and others are set by specifying an attribute to the <javac>
 DH> task:

Those common to javac and jikes are attributes while those only
present in jikes are properties.

 DH> and went thru adding a depend="yes" to my <javac> tasks, only to
 DH> have it tell me that <javac> doesn't support the depend attribute
 DH> -- index.html says it does :(

And it should, make sure you are using the current source to javac,
ISTR you've made your own modified version 8^).

The attribute is depend and it should work. jikes' +F option will be
triggered by build.compiler.fulldepend, but only if you specify the
depend attribute.


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