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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Redirecting output of one (or more) tasks?
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 07:13:22 GMT
>>>>> "NS" == Nico Seessle <> writes:

 >> We've had proposals for loglevel attributes (to temporarily switch
 >> to verbose logging) or logfile (to specify a logfile for a
 >> task). Don't you think, this could be solution number 3?

 NS> And how do/can I specify a logfile to a task? By adding an
 NS> logfile-attribute to Task itself or what would be the way to go?

Details have not really been sorted out. 

Probably one would add loglevel and logfile attributes to Task and
then Task would have to take care of setting/restoring the loglevel of
the associated BuildLogger when it wants to log anything. 

Task would need some help from Project - and things like XmlLogger, who
buffer the output and write it out at the end of the process, would
cause some serious headache I guess.


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