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From Matthias Pfisterer <>
Subject Re: exceptions on running ant1.1 with Blackdown jdk1.2.2-rc4
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 20:50:10 GMT
Hi Stefan,

thanks for your answer. I have now resolved the problem: I was
accidentally using kaffe 1.0.5, which was called via  /etc/alternatives.
After convincing my debian installation to use Blackdown jdk instead,
everything worked like a charm.
So I guess it's a kaffe problem. Perhaps still somebody ambitioned wants
to look at it.


Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >>>>> "MP" == Matthias Pfisterer <> writes:
>  MP> I'm using ant 1.1 (package 1.1-1 from debian woody) with xerces
>  MP> 1.2.0 and Blackdown jdk1.2.2-rc4 on GNU/Linux i386.
> I've been using Ant (all versions starting way before Ant 1.1) on
> Linux without problems (Blackdown's, Sun's and IBM's JDKs) but have
> never seen anything as scary as your exceptions.
> The main differences: I compile Ant myself and I use Sun's reference
> implementation of the JAXP parser instead of xerces.
> I'd suggest you first try to use the other XML parser as the exception
> is coming from somewhere deep inside xerces. Go to
> <URL:> grab the reference
> implementation and replace xerces.jar with parser.jar and jaxp.jar in
> your CLASSPATH and try again.
> If that fails, download the sources to Ant and bootstrap it
> yourself. If this fails as well, come back here 8^) (feel free to come
> back anyway of course).
> Stefan
> PS: My first guess has been that your buildfile would not be well
> formed, but it's OK.
> What are you trying to do with the filtering attribute to <javac>? The
> documentation is a little bit misleading, javac will only do filter
> replacement on the "support files", not inside the sources
> themselves. In Ant 1.2 even this won't work - as javac doesn't copy
> anything anymore.

Matthias Pfisterer	<>

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