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From Michael Kolmodin <>
Subject Remarks: file copy, subprojects, ant install
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 13:37:39 GMT
I've been using ant for some time time now and I really like
it. But of course, there are questions and remarks. All of
these are related to the released version, sorry to bother
if it's already solved :-)

- Filecopy: the options are not flexible enough i. e. when
  handling configuration files. I think at least the
  following options are needed:
   * Overwrite unconditionally (as of now)
   * Overwrite unconditionally, save backup copy of existing
   * Overwrite if never, possibly with backup copy
   * If file 'target' exists, copy to file 'target.dist'
   * If target exists, ignore copy.
   Yes, these options resembles the options of the unix
   'install' command. Nothing is really new under the sun,
   and i think this kind of functionality is needed. Of
   course, I could write an extension, but I feel that file
   copy operations are core functionality which might be
   interesting to discuss and possibly agree upon.

- Subproject caveats: When encountering errors in the
  subproject build file, ant reports error in the build
  file containing the 'ant' task... Might be solved
  already, I guess.

- The use of paths and basedir is not intuitive, at least
  for me. In my opinion, an <ant dir="subdir"> statement
  should include an implicit <property basedir = "subdir">.
  The very idea of a subproject implies that all paths
  should be relative to the subproject, IMHO.

- JAXP dependencies. Sine ant requires the XML parser, this
  dependency should be resolved at installation time.
  As of now, all use of the ant script requires handling
  of the inherently evil CLASSPATH (unix experience).

Once again, this is really a good work. Just some input...


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