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From Walker Joe <>
Subject RE: Source code task
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:19:43 GMT

> I think we are beginning to see that it will not be easy to arrive at a
> common interface to the various source code control tools. If the mapping
> is
> not obvious and there are so many mismatches, I wonder what benefit we get
> by having such a common interface. It is apparent that while the tools
> provide similar functionality at a high level they do so quite differently
> at a detail level. Perhaps distinct tasks is the way to go.
The point is to make it easier for the user.
The current system is not much better than <exec ...> the cvs task looks
just like a cvs command except that the syntax is slightly different, etc.

If, where possible, there are naming conventions then there is a point - it
is easy for me to take cvs tasks in an example build.xml and apply them to
p4, and (though this won't happen too often) it is easier to swap between
the systems.

> Also I am not sure why, if we are trying to achive a common interface we
> do
> not want a pluggable implementation approach?
That is what I was arguing for in the first place, but I was out-numbered.
I'm tending to agree that the systems are too different for that to work.

I agree that sorting out how we can make the interfaces similar is a bit
complex, but that complexity is only in agreeing a common way of naming
things, the more attribs we can agree on the simpler things get for users.


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