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From Walker Joe <>
Subject RE: Source code task
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 07:58:22 GMT


> > PROPOSED    VSS         CVS         StarTeam     P4
> > -----------------------------------------------------------
> > action      writable    command     [implied]    [implied]
> I don't understand the line above?
The CVS task may be the only one that can do more than get-read-only. I
guessed that the writable flag for VSS may turn a get-read-only into a

So in VSS where you did say <vssget writable="true" ...>, under this
proposal, you would say <vssget command="edit" ...>, and where you would
have said <vssget ...> (without a writable) you would say <vssget
command="get" ...>

Maybe I misunderstand vssget?

> > recursive   recursive   [illegal]   recursion    recursive
> > version     version     tag         [illegal]    version
> In CVS it's not possible to get a file by version? (OK, it seems to be
> called revision there :-) ) So tag should be on the same line as label I
> think.
It may well be, I just couldn't see an option for it in the cvs task

> > Format of action attribute: [get|put|edit]
> In VSS you need to checkout to edit a file, vssget (the get command) is
> normally only used to get a file which you don't wich to edit. And I don't
> understand for what an action-attribute set to 'edit' is good for?
Perhaps my notes above explain this?


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