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From Michael Kolmodin <>
Subject Re: Remarks: file copy, subprojects, ant install
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:54:57 GMT

>>>>>> "MK" == Michael Kolmodin <> writes:
> MK> - Filecopy: the options are not flexible enough i. e. when
> MK> handling configuration files.
>We are in the course of reworking the file handling tasks so this is
>the right time to speak up. Currently we have overwrite if source is
>newer (the default) and always overwrite (if forceoverwrite has been
>set). Have you thought about how to state the additional options
>(speaking of attributes)?

Hm... I've thought, but not thoroughly. Just some ideas:

Src=...   dest=... 
backup="Yes|No" ifExist="ignore|newer|force|alternate"

Backup = "true" => make backup copy if a copy is done. Ant selects 
the name for the backup file on a per-platform basis (.BAK, .OLD ...)

ifExist = "ignore"    => never copy file if it already exists.
        = "newer"     => copy file if src newer than destination
        = "force"     => copy file unconditionally
        = "alternate" => copy src file to alternate destination, i. e. 
        	         'dest.dist' if destination exists. Possibly
        	         backup if 'dest.dist' also exists.
Compatibility: 	forceoverwrite = "true"  => backup="no", ifExist="force"
		forceoverwrite = "false" => backup="no", ifExist="newer"

One aspect to bear in mind is that there propably will  be a need for
more policies over time. Possible examples would be multiple backups
("dest.BAK.1, dest.BAK.2, dest.BAK.3") and/or my real favourite: a
diff3 type of merge of the config file changes both from site and
vendor. This is not for now, unfortunately. This could be handled by
backup="rolling" or ifExist="merge" in this type of attribute scheme.

> MK> When encountering errors in the subproject build file, ant
> MK> reports error in the build file containing the 'ant' task...
>Fixed some seconds ago - thanks for your report.

You're welcome :-)

> MK> In my opinion, an <ant dir="subdir"> statement should include
> MK> an implicit <property basedir = "subdir">.
>It does - at least in the CVS version. And I think it already did in
>Ant 1.1, but there've been numerous bugs in handling relative
>filenames fixed.

OK, we have the same idea how it *should* work - I was a little worried.
The rest shouldn't be a problem, I guess.

> MK> - JAXP dependencies. Sine ant requires the XML parser, this
> MK> dependency should be resolved at installation time.
>The release contained jaxp.jar and parser.jar in ANT_HOME/lib and the
>scripts add everything residing in that directory to the CLASSPATH
>transparently. Where have you been forced to change the CLASSPATH?

OK, the problem is that I've been using 
*/jakarta/dist/ant/bin/ant. This seems logical, I get the 
idea that the */jakarta/dist/* hierarchy should contain the complete thing.
However, it seems that jaxp.jar and parser.jar are not copied/linked to
*/jakarta/dist/ant/lib. They should,I guess (or possibly: revise the 
shellscript to use whats available in the */dist/* structure)

*/jakarta/jakarta-ant/* is fine :-)


Michael Kolmodin                        Frontec Norr AB    
Phone:  +46 920 75125                   Aurorum 1
Fax:    +46 920 75299                   S-977 75 Luleaa,Sweden

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