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From "Mads Andersen" <>
Subject Lazy evaluation of custom taskdefs
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 18:34:03 GMT
Now that Ant can finally find my custom tag, I have a minor suggestion.

My build.xml has a custom task in the beginning of the file as follows:

  <taskdef name="transform"

Now, XSLTransformTask is a part of the project, so after an "ant clean" the
XSLTransformTask.class is no longer accessible. No matter which target you
try with Ant, it will fail because the Class of XSLTransformTask is resolved
before any targets get executed.

What I would like is to make my targets using taskdef transform ensure that is compiled. This would be possible if custom taskdefs
were evaluated in a lazy fasion, that is when the custom tasdef is first

Best regards, Madsie

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