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From "Nico Seessle" <>
Subject Defining task-specific properties - what "namespace" should I use?
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 06:01:40 GMT
Hi all,

Javac (jikes) uses some properties to set options which are available only
to jikes and not the other compilers. Jikes uses for example
"jikes.class.path" and "build.compiler.(warnings|pedantic|emacs)".

If I'm going to define use properties for some other tasks (currently the
VSS one's as I'm extending these to also do history, checkout/in, label)
should I use "what I like" or should I (we) define that every task which
chooses to also accept properties as it's attributes should use something
like "ant.<defined task name>.theProperyName" (or something else?).

As an addition this could be further extended in a way that a task doesn't
need to look for the property explicitly, but ant could use these properties
to configure the tasks if the attribute is not explicitly set in the
build.xml. I know that one could do this by defining a property and using
'attribute="${property}"' so this would not really be an addition to ant and
therefor many people possibly won't like it :-)

Even if you don't like it I would like a suggestion on "what property-name
should I use if my task would like to use one" because the VSS-tasks would
mostly use the same settings for 'ssdir' (specifiying the location of VSS)
and 'login' (the username/password) to use for access and it seems much less
error-prone to specify these only once.

What's your opinion?


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