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Subject Re: [PATCH] Several improvements to Zip and Jar tasks - comment
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 16:41:19 GMT
Excellent point - I've been meaning to make a feature request for Ant:  add
a '-k' flag a'la make: keep going in the face of errors.

It would be nice to control this both on the task level and on the top
level.  In some cases, the makefile writer will know that some tasks might
be critical, and that others are 'nice to have' in normal use but not
really necessary.  On the other hand, users running Ant to do builds will
sometimes will want to either 1) just try to do everything, for when you're
testing locally or just trying out a few new changes, or 2) halt on any
sort of error, for when you're creating a distribution unit you plan to
ship later.

I think I like the idea of making this settable on each task.  On the
grander scale, I'm not sure the best way for a user running Ant to set

---- you Mark Rose <> wrote: ----
> Generally, I'd prefer all tasks to fail and halt the build if there's
> any sort of problem, since we have builds that generate hundreds or

P.S. (Sorry if this has already been asked): are there archives of ant-dev
and/or the other jakarta projects?

- Shane

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