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From Stuart Roebuck>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SendMail task (was: [SUBMIT] SendMail task)
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 08:44:50 GMT
If one of these two tasks relies on the existence of unix "sendmail" and  
other does not, I would strongly urge the use of the one that doesn't as  
many platforms won't have it.  However, it may be that neither do.


> Oops! I think I was supposed to preface the subject of this email with
> [PATCH].
> Also, going through my local list archive, I noticed an "Email" task was 
> submitted not too long ago, but that it was not checked in. The "Email" task 
> relies on the "javax.mail" package for it's implementation. My "SendMail" 
> task relies on the "" class already a part 
> of the ant distribution. I think the "SendMail" task is easier to use for 
> this reason, but I will deferr to use whichever task gets checked in.
> Glenn.

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