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From "Wolfgang Werner" <>
Subject AW: Weblogic 5.1 task (ejbc alternative)
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 08:58:59 GMT
Hi Conor,

please help again. I'm trying out ejbjar.

I changed my directory structure (better, I do a copy and rename to get
this) to this:


(Thanks to John Hall)

I had to insert an ds.setIncludes([*.xml]) prior to ds.scan() to make
the processing work (else the process is trying to parse my .class files).

Nevertheless, I ran into the same problem: the parser is trying to resolve
the external DTD's. You wrote:

> As for the issue you are seeing, it is indeed due to the XML parser trying
> to download the EJB dtd. I have addressed this with the ejbjar task by
> resolving the DTD entity to a local copy. The location of the
> local copy is
> vendor specific and I have provided a Weblogic option which knows where to
> find this DTD in the Weblogic class hierarchy.

Who does this work? Do I have to change my xml-files? I can not see any code
related to a mapping of 'official' DTD's to local copies. Should't be there
some code that introduces this concept to the sax parser? Please help the



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