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From Eric VanLydegraf <>
Subject RE: Ant Task for StarTeam Checkouts
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 20:44:02 GMT
Can't speak for Apache but I'm interested to have this task.
Is this starteam 4.2 Java API's or using the command line tool ?

-----Original Message-----
From: Povirk, Chris []
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 8:23 AM
Subject: Ant Task for StarTeam Checkouts

I have written a task for Ant to check out files from a StarTeam server
and am interested in donating to Apache.  Here is the Javadoc overview
of the program:

> Checks out files from a specific StarTeam server, project, view, and
> This program logs in to a StarTeam server and opens up the specified
project and view. Then, it searches through that view for the given folder
(or, if you prefer, it uses the
> root folder). Beginning with that folder and optionally continuing
recursivesly, AntStarTeamCheckOut compares each file with your include and
exclude filters and checks it
> out only if appropriate.
> Checked out files go to a directory you specify under the subfolder named
for the default StarTeam path to the view. That is, if you entered
/home/cpovirk/work as the target
> folder, your project was named "OurProject," the given view was named
"TestView," and that view is stored by default at "C:\projects\Test," your
files would be checked out
> to /home/cpovirk/work/Test." I avoided using the project name in the path
because you may want to keep several versions of the same project on your
computer, and I didn't
> want to use the view name, as there may be many "Test" or "Version 1.0"
views, for example. This system's success, of course, depends on what you
set the default path to
> in StarTeam.
> You can set AntStarTeamCheckOut to verbose or quiet mode. Also, it has a
safeguard against overwriting the files on your computer: If the target
directory you specify
> already exists, the program will throw a BuildException. To override the
exception, set force to true.

-Chris Povirk

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