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From "Hall, John" <>
Subject [Patch] Additions to the Ejbjar task
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 16:24:28 GMT
Looks like Conor and I were thinking along the same lines yesterday. I also
made the changes to ejbjar to allow the usage of a separate descriptor
directory with a few additions:
- The descriptordir attribute is optional.  If it is not there, then it will
default to the original functionality (srcdir is also the descriptordir).
- I added a optional basejarname attribute.  If this exists, then there is
no need to prefix your descriptors with the jar name.  If it is not used,
then it will default to using the original naming convention.
- I added a optional weblogicdtd attribute for the location of the weblogic
DTD file.  If this is not there, then the original functionality will be
executed (uses /weblogic/ejb/deployment/xml/ejb-jar.dtd as the location of
the dtd file).
- I added a weblogictoplink element to the ejbjar task.  This subtask allows
you to build TOPLink for WebLogic 2.5.1 enabled ejb jar files.
	- this subclasses the weblogic element so it uses the same
attributes with the following additions:
		toplinkdescriptor (required) - this is the name of the xml
file to be used by TOPLINK/ejbc.  This does not require the naming prefix 
			as the naming standard (suggested by The
ObjectPeople/WebGain) for these files is incompatible with the current
			naming standard for the ejbjar task.
		toplinkdtd (optional) - the location of the TOPLink DTD
file.  If this is not provided, the web address is used. (Unfortunately, 
			this cannot be picked up like the weblogic DTD)

Criticism is always welcome.



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