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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Problem with the new JavaDoc stuff and Jikes
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:48:54 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> > [snip]
> >Jikes complains that "dir" is defined a second time (in the definition
> >of the method). It looks like jikes does not like overriding a local
> >variable with a parameter to a method in an anonymous inner class. By
> >simply changing the name of the second "dir" (to "dir1"), both jikes
> >and javac compile and seem to run fine. [snip]
> I *believe* it is a bug in Javac - one of those non-compliancies it
> exhibits ;P. Inner classes are meant to not shadow all variables in the
> context it is created - but they can only access final versions IIRC

I'm not so 296 of the JLS maintenance draft seems to say
otherwise, and gives an example which compiles and runs with JDK 1.3
Javac but gives a similar error to what was mentioned on this list when
compiled with Jikes. Anyway, the upshot is that to be safe this
construction should be avoided. I'm getting more familiar than I would
like to be with the gamut of Java compiler bugs. :-(


Jesse Glick   <>
NetBeans, Open APIs  <>
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