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From Mark Rose <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Several improvements to Zip and Jar tasks
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 16:12:34 GMT
Jesse Glick wrote:
> The Zip task could easily log a warning and exit early if no files
> match, instead of letting it run to the point of giving a BuildException
> (and halting the build). (This behavior should be disabled in the Jar
> task.) But there should at least be a warning I think. Or it would
> probably not be hard to create an empty zip file (bypassing
>, just hardcoding the contents; see attached prototype,
> constructed in a hex editor acc. to PKZIP spec). Other opinions?

Generally, I'd prefer all tasks to fail and halt the build if there's
any sort of problem, since we have builds that generate hundreds or
thousands of lines of logging. I don't want to have to grep the log to
see if there were problems. (E.g., I'd rather have "failonerror" default
to "true" for <exec>)

I would be willing to explicitly request this, by setting
"failonerror"--or some attribute--on each task. Perhaps all tasks should
have some way to specify whether or not to fail on errors? (Like "-" or
"-i" in make.)

Generating an empty .zip is most likely an error, for the build.xml
files I've created, so I'd prefer it halt the build, by default.

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