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From Walker Joe <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Several improvements to Zip and Jar tasks
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 08:02:56 GMT

	3. Zip task will now try to create a ZIP archive when no files
	In fact, this will cause a BuildException, stating that you are
	to make an empty ZIP (I don't know if this should be possible, but
	anyway* currently won't let you). Previously the task
	would quietly fail to do anything at all, which seemed confusing and
	inconsistent to me at least and probably did not benefit anyone 

I have found this feature useful.

My build scheme goes like this. Source dir with all the source in, classes
dir with all the classes in (much like anyone else).
However I need to jar it up into separate jar files, and found it hard to
ensure I had caught everything.
So I have a number of properties referring to packages along the lines of
And then built the jars using this <jar includes="pkg_a">, and finally a
<zip zipfile="" excludes="pkg_a,pkg_b" ... />

And then I know if i've caught everything in my pkg_* specs.

I make no claim that this is elegant, or the best way of doing things, or
even "correct" usage, and I'm not saying - "leave that in because I need
it". Simply, that there is a use, and maybe others have found the same.


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