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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant/docs index.html
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:00:24 GMT
conor       00/08/30 07:00:20

  Modified:    docs     index.html
  Update to FTP dtask documentation
  Submitted by:	Glenn McAllister <>
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.83      +71 -11    jakarta-ant/docs/index.html
  Index: index.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-ant/docs/index.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.82
  retrieving revision 1.83
  diff -u -r1.82 -r1.83
  --- index.html	2000/08/21 14:41:11	1.82
  +++ index.html	2000/08/30 14:00:17	1.83
  @@ -3859,10 +3859,9 @@
   <h2><a name="ftp">FTP</a></h2>
  -<p>Copies files from the local system to a remote ftp server.</p>
  -<p>The <a href="#fileset"><code>fileset</code></a> syntax
must be used for specifying the local
  -files to copy.  All filesets will be copied into the single remote directory
  -specified by <i>remotedir</i>.</p>
  +<p>The ftp task implements a basic FTP client that can send, receive,
  +list, and delete files.  See below for descriptions and examples of how
  +to perform each task.</p>
   <p>The ftp task makes no attempt to determine what file system syntax is
   required by the remote server, and defaults to Unix standards.
   <i>remotedir</i> must be specified in the exact syntax required by the ftp
  @@ -3908,8 +3907,9 @@
       <td valign="top">action</td>
  -    <td valign="top">the ftp action to perform.  
  -                     Current only supports&quot;put&quot;</td>
  +    <td valign="top">the ftp action to perform, defaulting to &quot;send&quot;.
  +                     Currently supports&quot;put&quot;, &quot;get&quot;,
  +                     &quot;del&quot;, and &quot;list&quot;.</td>
       <td valign="top" align="center">No</td>
  @@ -3942,14 +3942,22 @@
                        Defaults to &quot;/&quot;.</td>
       <td valign="top" align="center">No</td>
  +  <tr>
  +    <td valign="top">listing</td>
  +    <td valign="top">the file to write results of the &quot;list&quot; action.
  +                     Required for the &quot;list&quot; action, ignored otherwise.</td>
  +    <td valign="top" align="center">No</td>
  +  </tr>
  -<pre>  &lt;ftp server=&quot;;
  +<h3>Sending Files</h3>
  +<p>The easiest way to describe how to send files is with a couple of examples:</p>
  +  &lt;ftp server=&quot;;
  -       password=&quot;;
  -  &gt;
  +       password=&quot;;&gt;
       &lt;fileset dir=&quot;htdocs/manual&quot; /&gt;
  -  &lt;/ftp&gt;</pre>
  +  &lt;/ftp&gt;
   <p>Logs in to <code></code> as <code>anonymous</code>
   uploads all files in the <code>htdocs/manual</code> directory 
   to the default directory for that user.</p>
  @@ -3998,6 +4006,58 @@
   HTML files in the <code>htdocs/manual</code> directory to the 
   <code>c:\uploads</code> directory.  Progress messages are displayed as each
   file is uploaded.</p>
  +<h3>Getting Files</h3>
  +<p>Getting files from an FTP server works pretty much the same way as 
  +sending them does.  The only difference is that the nested filesets
  +use the remotedir attribute as the base directory for the files on the
  +FTP server, and the dir attribute as the local directory to put the files
  +into.  The file structure from the FTP site is preserved on the local machine.</p>
  +  &lt;ftp action="get"
  +       server=&quot;;
  +       userid=&quot;anonymous&quot;
  +       password=&quot;;&gt;
  +    &lt;fileset dir=&quot;htdocs/manual&quot; &gt;
  +      &lt;include name=&quot;**/*.html&quot; /&gt;
  +    &lt;/fileset&gt;
  +  &lt;/ftp&gt;
  +<p>Logs in to <code></code> as <code>anonymous</code>
  +recursively downloads all .html files from default directory for that user 
  +into the <code>htdocs/manual</code> directory on the local machine.</p>
  +<h3>Deleting Files</h3>
  +As you've probably guessed by now, you use nested fileset elements to 
  +select the files to delete from the remote FTP server.  Again, the 
  +filesets are relative to the remote directory, not a local directory.  In
  +fact, the dir attribute of the fileset is ignored completely.
  +  &lt;ftp action="del"
  +       server=&quot;;
  +       userid=&quot;anonymous&quot;
  +       password=&quot;; &gt;
  +    &lt;fileset&gt;
  +      &lt;include name=&quot;**/*.tmp&quot; /&gt;
  +    &lt;/fileset&gt;
  +  &lt;/ftp&gt;
  +<p>Logs in to <code></code> as <code>anonymous</code>
  +tries to delete all *.tmp files from the default directory for that user.
  +If you don't have permission to delete a file, a BuildException is thrown.</p>
  +<h3>Listing Files</h3>
  +  &lt;ftp action="list"
  +       server=&quot;;
  +       userid=quot;anonymous&quot;
  +       password=&quot;; 
  +       listing=&quot;data/ftp.listing&quot; &gt;
  +    &lt;fileset&gt;
  +      &lt;include name=&quot;**&quot; /&gt;
  +    &lt;/fileset&gt;
  +  &lt;/ftp&gt;
  +<p>This provides a file listing in <code>data/ftp.listing</code> of all
the files on
  +the FTP server relative to the default directory of the <code>anonymous</code>
  +user.  The listing is in whatever format the FTP server normally lists files.</p>
   <h2><a name="netrexxc">NetRexxC</a></h2>

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