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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: When's the next stable release?
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2000 09:13:48 GMT

There are no formal plans for the next release at this stage. It was quite
important for us to get a stable 1.1 release out the door. Prior to that
release ant had been a subcomponent of many different projects with no
formal releases. A significant number of patches had been put in place that
needed to be made available. Most of us were tired of explaining why ant did
nothing with JDK 1.3 :-)

The things that have generally been discussed for future development include
1. Making property evaluation occur when the property is used rather than at
parse time
2. Task configuration at task runtime rather than at parse time
3. Separting the build into core and optional components
4. Developing a task jar format (.tsk ?) which can be dropped into an ext
directory to add new tasks to ant
5. Rationalizing the tasks which overlap: <copyfile> and <copydir> into
<copy> <deltree> into <delete>
6. Making filtering explicit with copy

To date the bulk of the changes from ant 1.1 have been the refactoring done
by Stefan to the execution framework. Perhaps that should be the basis for a
1.2 release before we go into the more fundamnetal changes which could break
existing build file operation. That might be a 2.0 release. Before we go
into a 1.2 release, however, I would like to see the execution framework
bedded down a but more to find out the issues (such as the current
resolveFile issue).



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> From: Jay Glanville []
> Sent: Wednesday, 16 August 2000 22:07
> To: Ant-Dev (text)
> Subject: When's the next stable release?
> I'm reading through this e-mail list, and getting notification of CVS
> submissions, and quite frankly, I'm amazed at the amount of churn for the
> Ant product.  Great going!
> My question is, when will ant be releasing the next milestone build,
> possibly 1.2?  What are the plans for rel 1.2 and for 2.0, or is there a
> game plan at all?
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