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From "Joe Bowbeer" <>
Subject building for JDK1.1
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 08:37:29 GMT

I'm working on extending JDOM's build.xml to add support for
building a JDK1.1 version of JDOM.

This is easy in principle as long as JDOM code uses explicit
imports and avoids a couple a Java2 specifics. Running a sed
script over the source files, to substitute the 29 collections
package names, does the trick.

JDOM is using Ant, so I'm intending to make an Ant task for this,
but I wanted to check with this list first to see if it's already
been done, and, if not, to solicit suggestions.

Although a JDK1.1-specific task would suffice, I'm considering
making a general directory-enabled task that accepts an ORO
expression argument and applies it to the files in the directory.

Would this general task be a candidate for inclusion in the Ant

Joe Bowbeer

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