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From Tom Cook <>
Subject Re: Junit task
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 07:41:46 GMT
On 19 Jun 2000, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> you've searched at the wrong place 8^). Take a look at the welcome
> email you've received when you subscribed to this list.

On this topic, I've been meaning to suggest for a while that the FAQ be
updated (I'm not sure what's in it, actually, but something along the
lines of 'I can't compile because I don't have jaxp.jar/parser.jar' would
not go amiss... also 'When I compile under JDk1.3/Jikes it does nothing')
and that it be included with the email sent on joining the list. I've seen
a few too many times in the last few weeks someone asking these questions,
and this seems to me a good way to desseminate this information.

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