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From "Julien Couvreur" <>
Subject RE: Little patch in documentation and question
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 00:25:05 GMT

>I checked the latest documentation (in CVS) and everything appears correct.
>Perhaps it was already fixed.

Yes! It seems to have been fixed 4 days ago by arnout. Sorry, my last DL was
5 days ago I believe.

>Note: depends is not a conditional construct, but a declarative means of
>stating how the individual targets are to be ordered.

Yes, but we can "emulate" a if-statement from sh (for ex) by breaking a
target into pieces and using depends and ifs. This way you don't hard-code
the "if" in a java class. But it is kind of heavy...

>If you are talking about the values of properties used within Ant,
>then you can use:

>   this.project.setProperty(property, value);

That is great. I may allow a task that prompts for an input (<read prompt=""



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