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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] multithreading tasks
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 18:00:37 GMT
on 2000/06/22 04:22, Conor MacNeill at wrote:

Thanks for the XML sample. This helps a lot!

> <target name="test" depends="install, testcode">
> <wlrun taskname="server" async="yes"
> classpath="${weblogic.boot.classpath}"
> wlclasspath="${weblogic.classes}:..."
> name="${}" home="${weblogic.home}"
> properties="${}/${}.properties"/>

Ok.. So I don't have any problem with the async flag being an attribute on a
task. Seems about right.

> <sleep delay="80000"/>

Yeah, sure it can be a task. But if this is telling the acutal Ant runtime
to pause for a while, how about a PI?

<?pause interval="880000"?>

Don't know if it's any better though. Especially since the async is an XML
attrib. Besides, a sleep task can just spin. On balance, I'm split.

> <echo message="starting JUnit test"/>
> <java taskname="junit"
> fork="yes"
> classpath="${testrun.classpath}"
> classname="AllTests"/>
> <wlstop classpath="${weblogic.classes}"
> user="..."
> password="..."
> url="..." />
> <join/>

Once again, since this is flow control, maybe a PI? Would the join task look
for the thread that was started? Are all asynch threads registered somewhere
in the project?

> <echo message="test finished"/>
> </target>

Hmmm... Warming... I guess I don't have an issue with doing acutal threading
if it's something like this... I'm really wanting to see us hit a useful and
simple way of expressing it if we are going to do it.

If you look at PI's and decide that I'm smoking dope, then go ahead with
what you've got, I'll remove my -1.


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