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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: [RFE] Richer Task Specification
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2000 08:14:59 GMT
on 6/14/00 8:40 AM, Stefan Bodewig at wrote:

> PD> BTW spec/core.html is dated "Version 0.5 (2000/04/20)" and
> PD> doesn't seem to contain all I thought it would .. is there a new
> PD> version or should it be considered a work in progress ??
> You should consider anything as a work in progress 8^).

Seconded! :)

> Unfortunately Ant has slipped a little bit down on the priority list
> of many of those people that used to be active contributers - no
> offense implied! 

None taken. :) After all, my time has been going into helping other very
good things happen -- which affects Ant.

It is time to take a look at the document again with the discussion that has
been going on.


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