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Subject Re: Conditionnal tasks
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 16:00:05 GMT

Sebastien Pierre wrote:
> Anyway, embedding a scripting language would be a really brilliant
> idea : I'm convinced that modern app/tools should let the user
> avoid technical problems by allowing scripting. For this, I propose
> the PNuts scripting language, which is very similar to
> Java/JavaScript, but with some very interesting features (packages,
> gui stuff).
> It is a good topic to discuss...So what's your opinion ?

Why embed *one* scripting language when you can embed them all!

A while back, I took the controversial at the time step of adding a <script
language="..."> tag to Ant.  Such scripts can be written in a large number
of popular languages (including PNuts), and have access to the full project
object model, can therefore directly add, modify, and execute tasks.

And the reason I did this (other than being a fan of BSF) was to let people
who want to have conditions and loops and the like to do so without us
having to add this support to the core of Ant.

- Sam Ruby,

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